Beyond Stupidity

May 28, 2006 at 3:06 am (blog is dead, criticize, gleak, homosexual, innovation, lesbian, myspace, small business, stupid, stupididness)

Stupididness cannot hide from this humble warrior.
Please believe me when I tell you that I didn't want to do this.  I can assure you that my time would be better spent on other matters, and yet here I am, typing away on this silly "blog".  The quotes around "blog" should indicate that I said that word, in virtual terms, with great disgust.  If I were standing before you, you would have been concerned that I might vommit.  Fortunately, as I lean forward, my eyes squinting and my mouth quivering, only the word "blog" comes dribbling out.  I hate that word.  Can someone please tell me who thought of it?  Yes, I know web+log equals blog, but it's terrible.  I wouln't characterize these online works of art as a web log anyway.  Personally, I'm beginning to fall for the term that  coined.  He's more poetic than I, but he said something to the effect of Blog is Dead.  Enter: The Gleak.  That sounds more like what I see online.  People all over the web gleaking whatever is on their minds, often by accident.  This can all be debated at a later date, I suppose.

Stupididness, the concept and the blog, were both born out of the necessity to describe an individual, business, or situation that goes far beyond the word stupidity.  Stupididness is pretty much as far as you can go, should you ever be travelling down the path of depreciating intellect.  The tiny sliver of mental health that you have at that point is all that keeps you intact.  If you take one more step into the stupid, from what I understand, you melt.  

There is an old wives tale that says stupididness is drawn to genius?  I never beleived my momma when she told me that as a youngster, but I may have to call her and apologize.  I happen to be the smartest person that you know, and stupididness wants me more than desparate, hornball mySpacers want mySpace member: Breasty McSwallow.  So, in an effort to halt my receding sanity line, I'm going to give my stupididness examples to you, my adoring public.  You will, thank you very much, reply to my gleaks with praise and agreeance.  You may also, at times, be given the opportunity to contact those that have been assaulting me with their stupididness, asking them to either turn away from the stupid, or end their own lives.

Stupididness likes the dark.  Together, we can shine the brightest beam of intellectual light generating particles into the moist crevice that stupididness calls home.  Won't you join me?


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